Dance of the world of shadows and colors

Traditional Turkish Shadow Theater Karagöz was accepted as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by “UNESCO” in 2009 and was included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The Armenian musician Aram Tigran summarizes the perspective of Serkan Öztürk, who was inspired by Karagöz in his performances, to shadow play.

Aram Tigran says; If I come to the world again; I will melt all the tanks, rifles and weapons and make instruments out all of them.

According to Öztürk, the world of shadows and colors has one common voice and that is the sound of music. Music is the common language in which different nations and cultures can agree and fuse.

In this show, as the light falls on the screen, the figures take their place on the stage and dance with the music. These dances as the breezes move from Turkey reflects the traces of different cultures from around the world. And it realizes Tigran’s dream in the shadow theater world. There is no war, no tanks, no rifles here.

Who is on the screen of this world of shadows;

Indian figures leave the curtain to the Spanish Matador. An exuberant duet with the bull is replaced by the quick movements of the arabic belly dance. The music is as enthusiastic as the dances, and the audience is fascinated by the figures on the shadow screen, and it is time for the Caucasian dancers. Horon dancers from the Black Sea region of Turkey also demonstrated their enthusiastic show. Is that all? Not of course…  The figures of the shadow theater are being replaced by world-renowned artists. Elvis Presley is the star of the Michael Jackson shadows. Of course, demonstrations in this world are not limited to these. The journey will start when the light falls on the screen.

The sound of music will silence the sound of all weapons.

Figure Production: Serkan Öztürk

By: Serkan Öztürk – Sibel Öztürk

Duration: 40 minutes