Karagöz who does not like to read books

In our play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read’, we tried to explain the importance of reading books to children. We want to give the idea that “Every book is a journey”.

Karagöz has become unable to leave the house due to both his laziness and corona bans. His friend Hacivat tells him to at least go on a dream trip with books and gives him a book about some festivals in the world.

Karagöz does not like this gift at first, but then he starts to read the book. The adventure starts with his reading. Just like in a dream, he visits festivals in his thoughts. He goes to India, China, Sahara Desert and Spain.

Interesting and funny events happen to Karagöz wherever he goes. The audience witnesses his adventure.

Financial support from the NRW-Soforthife scholarship programme for the play 'Karagöz who doesn't like to read books'.

We received financial support from NRW Corona Sofort Hilfe Des Bundes for our new play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’. We had applied for a grant to support artists who are unable to do their work due to Corona. With the money received as a result, we were able to buy the necessary technical equipment for our play. Thank you NRW-Soforthilfe!