January 2023

Our play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’ at the Stadkantine Festival.

On 27 January 2023, our play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’ took part in the Stadtkantine festival organised by the Staatstheater-Darmstadt. The language of the play was Turkish, but it was also presented with German superscript. The play had its German premiere at this festival.

December 2022

The film “Dictators Do Not Die” at the Internationele Bibliothek- Ruhr.

On 03.12.2022, the short film “Dictators Do Not Die” written and directed by Serkan Öztürk and starring Sibel Öztürk was screened at the Internationele Bibliothek Ruhr.

Dictators Do Not Die

August 2022

Our Karagöz Figures Exhibition in Romania.

Between 25.08.-30.08.2022, 100 shadow play figures made by Serkan Öztürk were exhibited within the scope of Puppets Occupy Street Festival.

August 2022

‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’ premiered in Romania.

Our new play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’, which we have been working on for about 1 year, met with the audience for the first time at Puppets Occupy Street Festival. The play was performed 4 times in the festival.

August 2022

Our Shadow Play Figures workshop at the Romanian Puppet Festival.

We made shadow figures together with the children at the “Puppets Occupy Street Festival”. The children who met Karagöz and his friends and made their figures were very happy. As a result of the workshop, all participating children had 1 figure. The workshop was held 4 times within the festival.


Financial support from the NRW-Soforthife scholarship programme for the play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’.

We received financial support from NRW Corona Sofort Hilfe Des Bundes for our new play ‘Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books’. We had applied for a grant to support artists who are unable to do their work due to Corona. With the money received as a result, we were able to buy the necessary technical equipment for our play. Thank you NRW-Soforthilfe!

Karagöz who doesn’t like to read books

Theater 916’dan Romanya’da Karagöz figürleri sergisi ve gösterisi

Romanya Craiova şehrinde 25 Ağustos- 1 Eylül  2019 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilen  “Puppets Occupy Street Festival Craiova” kukla festivalinde Karagöz Figürleri sergimiz Oltenia müzesinde (Muzeul Olteniei Craiova) sergilendi.

Devamını okuyunuz

Figürlerimiz 18.Hilden Sanat marketindeydi

29-30 Haziran’da Hilden şehrinde yapılan (18. Hildener Künstlermarkt) sokak festivalinde figürlerimiz satışa sunuldu. Ziyaretçilerin ilgisiyle karşılanan standımızda figür yapımı hakkında bilgi de verildi.