Karagöz Figures exhibition

Karagöz figures exhibition consists of over 100 different collections, all of which are produced by Serkan Öztürk.

With Karagöz figures exhibition, Karagöz, which has been present for centuries and accepted as a cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2009, is aimed to be watched, promoted and transferred to future generations.

Serkan Öztürk, starting from the traditional Karagöz production technique, created his own style. It has been continuing its activities in this field for years.

Karagöz figures exhibition

  • Participate in different cultural and artistic activities.
  • Presentation can be prepared within the framework of the possibilities of the exhibition environment.
  • Mini Workshops are organized to inform the participants during the exhibition.
  • Karagöz theater plays can also be presented at the stage to be established within the exhibition.