Figure making workshops

Have you ever wondered how all the figures, especially the traditional Karagöz shadow theater figures that came to life in the Theater 916 workshop were made?

Serkan Öztürk, Karagöz and his friends do it together.

Knives and original leather are not used in the construction phase with children. Acetate paper (transparent film) is used instead of leather.

The children cut, paint and assemble the molded figures.

After this fun journey, it is left to put the figures on the stick and play them on the screen…

Figure making can be done with adults 16 years and older.

Participants are taught to make a Karagöz figure in traditional style.

Original leather and special knives are used during construction.

Course 1

  • A total of 16 hours of course with detailed stages and fine workmanship
  • At the end of the course, the participant will have a figure of 30 cm from the original leather suitable for play.

Course 2

  • General information and accelerated production, total 4 hours course
  • At the end of the course, the participant will have a 20 cm figure made from the original leather with rough lines.